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Wild Dragon :: Harder Erections Everytime

You don’t need to suffer erectile dysfunction anymore.

Erectile function problems will effect most men at some time of their life. This can be a very embarrassing problem, that can cause depression and lead to relationship break-ups. This can easily be fixed, naturally by simply taking a totally natural Wild Dragon capsule 1hr before sexual activity.

Wild Dragon is a perfected blend of the worlds most potent herbal extracts that will support your normal erectile function and have you going hard all night long, without any adverse side effects, or expensive prescriptions.

Because Wild Dragon is a 100% herbal supplement, so you will not be required to undergo any embarrassing doctors visits and Wild Dragon can be shipped world wide, without any problems or legal issues.

  • Natural, with no synthetic chemicals
  • Lasts 72 hrs
  • 95% Success rate
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Delivered world wide
  • No prescription required

How do I take it?

You should take 1 pill at least 1hr before sexual activity. The results will last up to 2 days. With extreme cases of impotence you may take upto 3 pills, however do not exceed 3 pills within 24hrs.

How long does it last?

Because Wild Dragon is a 100% natural herbal supplement, the effects can remain in your system for 24 – 48 hrs. Many men report equal or better results on their second night, from just the 1 dose.

Is this only for men with impotence?

No, Wild dragon is also popular among men who have no sexual dysfunction, and who merely want to boost their sexual performance.

Will I have an erection all day?

No, Wild dragon supports normal erectile function, so you will only get an erection if you are sexually aroused. If you do get an erection that wont go away, stop taking and see your doctor immediately.

Do I need a prescription?

Wild Dragon is 100% herbal, and does not require any embarrassing doctors visits or prescriptions. However if you have any serious health concerns or are on medication check first with your doctor, and make sure your heart is healthy enough to handle the stamina of sexual activity.

Is there any side effects?

Generally you will not have any side effects if taken as directed, and you don’t exceed the maximum recommended dose. However, on the rear occasion some men may experience sleeplessness, nausea or blurred vision. If you experience any adverse effects stop taking immediately.

What are the ingredients?

The sophisticated blend of herbal extracts consists of:

  • Epimedium Brevicornum (horny goat weed)
  • Eurycoma longifolia (tongkat ali)
  • Panax Ginseng extract
  • Cistanche deserticola
  • Cordyceps Sinensis
  • Piper nigrum
  • L-Argenine


– Sam “Im really glad I found your product. I was spending up to $20 per pill of Viagra, which caused me major headaches and other adverse side effects. Now I have a clear head, more money in my pocket and a rock hard erection every time”

– Matty “Having both a wife and a mistress, I find the demand for sex sometimes to much, and cant perform. Thanks to Wild Dragon I can be at my best every time, and on many occasions satisfy them both on the same night, sometimes several times.”

– Jason “Fantastic product, just 1 pill lasts me 3 days, and I can go twice per night, without problem.”

– Jim “Im back to buy more, its good to have a rock hard erection again. Its been 15 years since I was this hard.”

– Kathrine “My husband has suffered erectile function for the past 10 years. Now Wild Dragon gives him the erections and stamina he needs to satisfy me fully.”

– Carl “It’s a good feeling to wake up with a stiffy once again. Its been a full 10 years since that last happened”

– Cameron “Very impressed with your product, the effects come on quickly and last for days. Its good to have that extra boost in bed.”

– Joe “ Now I can cum 3 times in 1 night, from just 1 pill. Im very satisified”

– Sammy “Very good value for money and a fantastic product”



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