** They widen the blood vessels in penis
** Bump up sexual stamina
** Increase testosterone production

Main ingredients make penis vessels more capacious. When erected, penis engorges with more blood and becomes larger. That is why the effect of the enhancement remedy is seen only when penis is erected.

In addition to male organ enlargement the scientists confirm the following typical results after clinical tests

couple_png** Comprehensive improvement of sexual activity
** Increasing of libido
** Increasing of sexual attraction
** A significant increasing of sexual activity
** Increasing of blood circulation to the genitals
** Increasing of stamina


** No painful penis surgery

** Expensive process

When you start taking Male enhancing pills, you will feel its effect at once:

** increase of blood vascularity and circulation in penis
** richer sexual sensations
** sexual hyper-durability
** super libido
** fantastic size of penis
** powerful long standing erection
** a longer lasting and stronger erection




Week One Through Week Four During this period, you will adjust to the traction of the device and establish your best schedule for using it. You will experience some increases in length. The most noticeable change will be enhancements in sexual performance and semen volume increase, giving you longer lasting erections and more intense orgasms. Week Four Through Week Twelve The lengthening of your penis will be noticeable and measurable.

During this period you may have to expand the Size Genetics device to accommodate your new length (included instructions show you how to make this easy adjustment). Even when you’re not excited and don’t have an erection, your penis will rest and hang longer and thicker than ever before. The supplements and additional exercises will continue to bring you more vigor and more excitement in bed, with better performance and pleasure.s30

Week Thirteen And Beyond Your erection will look and feel firmer and more steel-hard than you ever thought possible. Additional gains in length and width can be observed. The sexual benefits of the supplements are now at their peak as long as you continue them. Women will notice and enjoy the difference as you are able to reach further than ever before.


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muzhPenis Extender – The extender works by assisting your body’s natural ability to grow under physical influence by using the principle of traction. While your penis is being exposed to gentle traction, the cells in your erectile chamber will divide and then multiply to accomodate for the steady traction. This process increases your erectile tissue mass which results in a much longer, thicker, and harder penis. In addition to increasing size, this device is also very effective for straightening penile curvatures as well.

Penis Exercises – Included with SizeGenetics is a penis exercise program (PenisHealth). This program includes different techniques that target different areas of penis enhancement such as length, girth, hardness, penile curvatures, and ejaculation control. Penile exercises can take as little as 7 minutes a day, and are a great complement to the Size Genetics extender. Combining these two methods give this system a well-rounded approach.

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